Milk Thistle Powder - Organic - 100g Shaker Bottle with a spoon

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 Milk Thistle supports the digestive and immune health of your dog. Milk thistle is a flower belonging to the Astor family and contains silymarin. Silymarin is a powerful combination of naturally occurring compounds with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Milk Thistle powder is suitable for use by dogs of all sizes and life stages. Only 100 mg (3.5 oz) Shaker Bottle with a spoon. Made in Canada.

100g Shaker Bottle with a spoon for easy measuring

Ingredient - Milk Thistle

Feeding Guidelines

Suggested Daily dosage                                                                                                        Weight of the Dog                        Dosage                         Daily Dosage                     <13.6kg / 30ibs                             1/8 tsp                         2 times a day                               13.6kg-22.2kg / 30lbs-49lbs          1/4 tsp                         2 times a day                               22.2kg-36.3kg / 49lbs-80lbs          1/2 tsp                         2 times a day