We are excited to have joined forces with ONETREEPLANTED.org 

In addition to providing healthy natural pet products for your companion pets, Live Well Pets is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. We truly want to make a difference to a healthier planet for pets and their families in any way we can!

In keeping with this commitment, we have made a decision to support One Tree Planted. We understand that as per One Tree Planted: ‘not only do trees clean air & water and help regulate our climate, they provide important habitat for wildlife, provide social/economic outcomes, and improve our overall health.’

Our commitment is to make a donation on all orders over $200 to One Tree Planted. Our donations will go directly to support tree planting and reforestation projects.

Our goal…… 10,000 trees planted in Canada!

We believe we have a responsibility and accountability to operate in alignment with our desire to create a healthier planet.

We will:
          • Reduce paper usage by 50%
         • Reduce corrugate specifications
         • Recycle
         • Use recyclable packaging
         • Source ethically and sustainably
         • Participate in Earth Day events
         • Plant trees in our communities

One Tree Planted

Our sincere thanks for your support of our company, and the company we support! #onetreeplant

Let’s do this!!!